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Meet BuzzMob

BuzzMob is a simple, intuitive way to connect your school community through a customized private mobile platform.

Administrators, teachers, and parents are instantly connected with the ability to chat; share tips, photos, and media; and receive vital information in real-time, such as emergency response. BuzzMob’s mission is to foster school involvement through two-way discussion, strengthen teacher-parent relationships, and enhance communications among your school community.

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Few communities in our lives are as important as the one that comprises our children's education. BuzzMob exists to strengthen and support school communities by enhancing communication between parents, teachers, staff, and students.

By providing daily interaction that's fun and informative while promoting safety and awareness, the BuzzMob smartphone app literally 'connects' your school community in a way that is vital for efficient and cohesive education.

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Easy Access To Calendar & Schedule

Keep up to date on early pick-ups, upcoming exams, social events, athletic activities, school trips and much more from anywhere in the world.  Easy coordination between parents and staff to plan for school events. 

The Convenience of Mobile

Parents can access vital school communication from anywhere. 150+ Million US adults keep their smartphone within arms reach for 90% of their waking hours. In 2013, mobile is the only reliable way for a school to reach parents.

Security and Speed of a Native Application

BuzzMob is a native app installed on parents’ Apple and Android smartphones. This not only means your schools’ digital community is in a format that parents feel comfortable using, it means greater security and quicker access to information.

Open communication with parents

Custom teacher pages and profiles enable parents to contact teachers with the press of a button. Teachers have the freedom to reply directly in the app or via email, to an individual parent or student, or to the larger group.

Instant Notifications & Emergency Response

School Administrators can send instant alerts and pop-up messages directly to parents handsets to remind them of upcoming events or schedule changes, or in case of emergency.