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BuzzMob is the simplest, most effective way for teachers to stay connected with parents and students.

Meet BuzzMob

BuzzMob is a seamless communication system that lets teachers and staff share daily information and vital updates to parents and students, within a private network.

With simple and beautiful experiences on iPhone, Android, and web, BuzzMob is accessible at home and on the go. The systems is designed to display items in order of importance, saving time for busy teachers, parents, and students.

BuzzMob's notifications options will alert you of updates via the mobile app, email, or by text. Your choice. You’ll never miss an update again.

BuzzMob Products

Parents and students receive the most important, time-sensitive info right to their Smart Feed, saving time for busy teachers & parents.


A secure, private network for all school communication. Members never have to share their personal emails or phone numbers.


Messages are delivered instantly via mobile app, email, or text. Open comments allow teachers to answer questions and save time.

Communication is too Important

Students spend half their waking hours in the classroom with their teacher. The other half is spent at home with their families. These are the two most important influences on a student's success.

We believe the RELATIONSHIP between school and home can only be fostered through effective communication. BuzzMob acts as the bridge between school and home, to build and reinforce a positive relationship in support of their students.

Parents who are informed become involved. Parents who are involved benefit both teachers and student development. The result is increased student efforts, classroom behavior, and overall success.

BuzzMob Connects Everyone

iPhone • Android • SMS • Tablets • Desktop

Mobile devices Buzzmob is available for
  • Mobile - Activity

    BuzzMob’s intuitive Smart Feed shows you what’s important right now, and what you need to be aware of in the coming weeks. We’ve eliminated the guess work so you know what’s going on with a simple glance.

  • Mobile - Calendar

    The easy-to-use Calendar offers a simple and beautiful view of the day, week, month, or year. Search for specific items or glance ahead to see what’s upcoming in your class or school year.

  • Mobile - Messages

    The Messages center allows members to send and receive direct, private messages to a single person or to a group. Teachers, parents and students can easily connect without sharing email or personal phone numbers.

Mobile example of BuzzMob on an iPhone