Our vision is to turn every classroom into a vibrant, connected community where teachers, parents, and students are engaged in support of education.

Focus on People

The strongest support for any students' education is a cohesive team made up of their parents and teacher. Addressing the needs of all three people is our #1 focus.

Make it Simple

Teachers are busy people, so are parents. BuzzMob must make their lives easier.


We work tirelessly alongside teachers to understand their ever-changing needs and to always adapt swiftly to support them. We’re all in this together.


Great teachers inspire. Our products should facilitate the necessary and get out of the way so teachers can do the extraordinary.

"BuzzMob makes teacher communication go above and beyond what is imaginable and possible. I'm very thankful for this tool..." - Scott Bedley 2014 Teacher of the Year - Teacher at Plaza Vista Elementary

The Buzzmob Team

Jeff Jackel

Jeff Jackel

Jeff was that student who asked questions until teachers were blue in the face. He needed to understand how everything worked and he challenged the status quo constantly. Jeff brings this same curiosity and excitement for learning and creating new things to BuzzMob in his role as CEO. He is obsessed with creating the most frictionless, beautiful experience possible for our members.

Edmond Wong

Edmond Wong

Edmond was that student who was already getting straight A’s but did extra credit work anyway in hopes of bumping it to an A+. He is a meticulous coordinator and manager with a penchant for logistics. This tireless attention to detail serves Edmond and BuzzMob well, as his COO role finds him overseeing product development across our multiple platforms.

John Ing

John Ing

John was that student who got to class early and stayed late. Partially his conscientious nature, and also due to a jam-packed schedule of extra-curricular activities. While he would later hone finance as his expertise, John’s wide range of interests let him approach and understand the numbers from a very grounded, human place.

Shawn Kernes

Shawn Kernes

Shawn was that student who would rush home to research every aspect of a lesson hoping to learn something the teacher didn’t know so he could both wow them and maybe intimidate them a little ;). This tenacity, coupled with a masterful understanding of web technology speak to Shawn’s influence on BuzzMob’s seamless functionality.


Kevin Gilpin

Kevin was that student who’s mom worked at the school (actually, so did his dad) so he really had no choice but to work hard and keep his nose clean… most of his teachers were family friends! Kevin’s nature is to challenge accepted practices and find simpler, more effective ways to solve problems. This passion results in top-notch customer service and a rich community presence for customers and members of BuzzMob.

Eelin Lin

Eelin Lin

Eelin was that student who was always half listening and half playing with his phone under the table thinking teacher doesn’t notice. He bleeds interactive technology, namely games and mobile communication, which serves BuzzMob well as he helps to manage mobile development on our iOS and Android platforms.

Brad Filip

Brad Filip

Brad was that annoying student who knew all the answers but couldn’t be bothered to turn in the homework, so he got C’s in classes he was probably capable of teaching. In truth, he was likely daydreaming about 1’s and 0’s, writing code in his mind as the teacher spoke. Brad’s been writing sophisticated software since before he could drive and his development chops are a big part of why the BuzzMob product just plain works.



Mackie was that student who… well, let’s just say Mac wasn’t the best student. She marches to the beat of her own drummer, runs the show, takes no prisoners… you know the type. As the official BuzzMob mascot, this little pup sure keeps things interesting.

Our Advisors

Scott Bedley

5th Grade Teacher Plaza Vista School, Irvine, CA
2014 Orange County Teacher of the Year

Genein Letford

K-5 Music Teacher at New Academy Canoga Park
2015 CA Charter School Teacher of the Year

Alicia Johal

Mar Vista Academy, 8th Grade

Jon Samuelson

Instructional Tech Advisor Consultant

Greg Garner

Instructional Technology Facilitator
Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools

Daisy Dyer Duerr

K-12 Principal at Saint Paul Schools, Saint Paul, AKHuntsville School District
(2014 NASSP Digital Principal Award Winner)

Nicol Howard

Teacher at Monte Vista Elementary School,
Santa Ana Unified School District
Adjunct Professor at Chapman University

Sarah Thomas

John Hanson French Immersion School, 8th Grade ELA/Tech

Starr Sackstein

World Journalism Prep School, Journalism and AP Lit and Comp teacher

Christine Eaves

Laurence School, IT Coordinator

Curt Rees

Northern Hills Elementary, Principal

Alison Anderson

The Madeleine School, Library & Media Specialist